Sunday, October 7, 2007


It only takes 3 seconds for someone to make a first impression. I asked a bunch of people what thier first impression was of me, they wrote it on a sheet of paper and folded it up (so i wouldn't know who it was from.)
I am going to try this survey again, using a different group (maybe another class.)


artsnob101 said...
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artsnob101 said...

it is brave + most interesting thing to have yourself as theme and first impression is another interesting theme. picture yourself, mapping, hmm, i love ur idea. Now then, is it only could be fit in 2d form? :->
as like ur personality is, it could be any shapes or dimensions or...?could be anything, no?
love ur tones of color of self portrait.

Uploaded @
another update ?
Plz post update notes @ .
Gen also receives Google-group daily e-mails same as u've got.
Good luck for all of ur projects s. TA:M

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